Use the competence matrix for empowerment external teams

Recently, we working on visions of how we can foster agility by delivering value deliverable to our customers and our company. In one of these discussions, we dealt with the challenge of several systems that individually did not generate value for the teams and generated a high dependency that was reflected in queues. We found a good point there to attack, as our goal was to value streaming mapping’s more fluidly between the teams.

To begin, we mapped all those systems that had synergy with that subject. At that moment, we made use competencies matrix, proposed by management 3.0 to carry out a study about the degree of knowledge of each professional in those systems that we raise.

Instead of using beginner, journeyman and master, we use a less formal nomenclature like Padawan, Jedi, and Yoda, referring to a person’s level of proficiency in a subject or system.

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After that, we listed who would be the guardians of that system, based on their knowledge (Padawan or Yoda), we inserted the concept of trust committer, so that people who were at the levels already mentioned, could perform commits in a productive environment directly, without having to go through a pool request model (when the system administrator validates what others have done).

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With this model in hand, we developed a model for replication of competencies, to generate autonomy for the teams of our business partners that were in other regions. So far, the results have been very positive and are contributing greatly to the happiness and autonomy of people in the workplace.

Another very expressive result was observed in the number of dependencies between teams, which was reduced by almost 80% with this action. What reflects in a discussion of how much more empowered and empowered teams are, the smaller the number of dependencies, the greater the autonomy and more deliveries of value in a fluid and accomplished way.

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