Moving Motivators — Activating People’s by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators

In a VUCA world, where things happen at an ever-increasing speed and with greater volatility, we need to discover new ways to give people a purpose and keep them motivated for as long as possible because the company is made by people who work in her.

During my time as head of technology, I had many people with me working and I noticed that some of them felt unmotivated but did not know why. All I had my hands on as human resources tools was the DISC, but I disliked it for not being repeated from time to time and being based on an algorithm and not on the human's beings that are measured by it many times its personality in the work is derived from there.

When an important worker resigned from work I was very worried about the factor that caused him to resign. So I asked, do you agree to participate in an experiment with a tool called moving motivators? He said yes.

As we began our work and understanding of management from Management 3.0 and Managing for Happiness, we saw the need to insert some practices to help in understanding what motivates people and how we can work with better feedbacks from there. That was an excellent opportunity.

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He said to leave because he wanted to move to a public job in government and need time to study and approve in it. So he went out to study because the work took a lot of time. In moving his motivators was the goal and he was down by the things he told me. As a plan of action, he proposes to change his working schedule to suit his and the company’s goals.

Initially, we use moving motivators in individual feedbacks, to have a moment of real understanding of who the professional is and how he feels about the company and life. This has generated some good insights for us. I had a great example, coming from moving motivators that was to be able to understand what moved a certain professional that was feeling unmotivated in the company for not being able to reach its objectives. We combined the moving motivators with the GROW coaching model and were able to reverse the situation of the professional who remained in the company for a long time afterward.

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Subsequently, we began to use it in an experimental HR model, where before the interview, we mapped the motivators that we were looking for a given position and team. At the time of the interview, we checked whether the values were compatible or similar. The hiring’s we made in this direction were all successful, generating good experimentation for the people.

We had some negatives related to the use of the motivators computing the result of the moving motivators as evaluation. Which generated a lot of discomfort among people. We corrected those aspects and moved on.

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